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Previous Exhibitions

Christine Ruksenas-Burton

February 22, 2024 – March 31, 2024

Linear Triad #2.JPG

A Delicate Balance | Sculpture

Curated by Jackie Hoysted,

Produced by Veronica Szalus

January 11, 2024 – February 18, 2024


See works in the show

A Delicate Balance.jpg

National Treasures | Leanne Fink

November 30, 2023 — January 7, 2024

Hoodoos Rock Bryce Canyon.jpg

Fleeting Moments | Street Photography

October 19 — November 26, 2023

Amy Bruce_Flat White_Original .jpg

Every Rock Has a Story | Anne Stine

September 7 — October 15, 2023

anne stine _My Bounty is as Boundless .jpg

Obscura | Tinam Valk
July 27 — September 3, 2023


Mark Drefs

Leslie Nolan

June 15 — July 23, 2023


Women’s Work

Kirsty Little | Donna McCullough | Kathryn McDonnell 

May 4 - June 11, 2023

Screenshot 2023-06-08 12.12.40 PM.png

Matthew McLaughlin

March 23 — April 30, 2023


Nicole Santiago

February 9 — March 19, 2023


In and Between | Sculpture

Curated by Steve Wanna,

Produced by Veronica Szalus


January 12 — February 5, 2023

See works in the show

Jacqui Crocetta_Revealing the Invisible_My Cloak of Privilege_lr.jpg

The Botanical Gourmet

Botanical Arts Society of the National Capital Region

November 17, 2022 — January 8, 2023



Joan Mayfield

Ruth Trevarrow

October 6 — November 13, 2022

Joan Mayfield_Bark.jpg
Ruth Trevarrow_MLK Elm1 .jpg

Connected Spaces

Elizabeth Casqueiro

Jean Sausele-Knodt

August 25 — October 2, 2022

Elizabeth Casquiero.png
Jean Sausele-Knodt, Wishful Thinking

Potomac River Life

July 14 — August 21, 2022

See works in the show

Alison Sigethy.png
Kim Abraham, Redarmy_detail_oil on linen.jpg

Kim Abraham

June 2 — July 10, 2022

Canvas Meets Curve

Paul Cunningham 

Sabiha Iqbal

April 21 — May 29, 2022

Paul Cunningham_Violet Dusk.jpg
Sabiha Iqbal_A New Dawn.jpg

Forces Fleeting

Nikki Brugnoli 

Anne C. Smith

March 8 — April 17, 2022

Smith-Cup (Route 81).jpg

Oenone Hammersley 

Darren Smith

Jan. 27 — March 6, 2022


In the Garden

Mike Francis 

Pattee Hipschen 

Bobbi Pratte

Dec. 16, 2021 — Jan. 23, 2022
Bobbie Pratte_In The Garden.jpg

Natalie Cox

November 4 — December 12, 2021


The Athenaeum Open


Focus on Climate Change and Sustainability

September 23 — October 31

See works in show

Robert Schultz

Memorial Leaves

August 12 ± September 19, 2021

See works in show


Farida Hughes:

A Line Doesn’t End With Me

July 1 — August 8, 2021

See works in show

Timeless Tradition

Master Copyists from the National Gallery of Art's Copyist Program

May 20 — June 27, 2021

See works in show


Patricia Underwood


Life in the Balance

April 8 — May 16, 2021

See works in show

Philip Livingston

Family, Ghosts, and Other Strangers

February 25 — April 4, 2021

See works in show

Double Margaret.jpg
untitled #5.JPG

Michael Spears

Visual Music: Rhythm and Melody

January 14 — February 21, 2021

See works in show

Quanxuan (Q.X) Shuai

December 3, 2020 — January 10, 2021

See works in show

The Himalayas32x40JPG.JPG

Pamela Keravuori

Painting While Barefoot

October 22 — November 29, 2020

See works in show

Speak Your Truth

Black Lives Matter

October 1 — December 1, 2020 

Speak Your Truth | Black Lives Matter, attempted to represent the depth and diversity of the DC/MD/VA region and its reflections on the activities associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. Works were selected from responses to an open call for submissions on the basis of poetry/spoken word and artistic merit/visual communication. See works in show.

Right: Miranda J. Spurley, Onyx King

Onyx King by Miranda J. Spurley.jpg

Moments in Time . . .

A Very Weird Time 

The 2020 Athenaeum Invitational

 September 10 — October 18, 2020 

Artists were invited to submit works that represented the full gamut of how the global Coronavirus pandemic and it's associated ‘social distancing’ has affected them. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt were evident in the selected works, but so were thoughtful commentary on the creative benefits of solitude and reflection. See works in show

Left: Erica Cleveland, Fear Biter, Gouache, watercolor crayon, embroidery floss stitching, 9” x 12”

Beautiful But Deadly 

Selections from the Botanical Art Society of the National Capital Region

 July 30 — September 6, 2020 

This exhibition not only featured excellent examples of botanic illustration and art, but the toxic properties of each plant were spelled out both in the online gallery and in actual gallery. Beautiful But Deadly, was also Beautiful and Fascinating.

Right: Carol Beach, Oleander and Oleander Hawk Moth (Nerium oleander and Daphnis nerii)

acrylic, 16”w x 20”h, 2020,

Beach, Carol_Oleander.jpg
Elzbieta Sikorska_Upside Down.png

Elzbieta Sikorska

Everything is Double

June 18 — July 26, 2020 

Elzbieta’s works each start out with paper that she crafts herself. She explores many themes as noted in her Artist Statement below, but classic design elements and a formal art education in Poland meet and diverge in her beautiful and mysterious ghosts, phantoms, memories, and reflections. See works in show

Doodles of the Times

March - July, 2020

This online gallery of doodles featured the work of a wide variety of submitters and was intended to reflect the various ways people responded to the Coronavirus pandemic. A small subset of entries is represented here. Double click image for artist name and information.



exploring the body as subject

February 13 - March 22, 2020
This exhibition features 39 artists in a visual exploration of the human condition. Besides exploring the physical form, these artists were asked to consider how a person’s personality, emotions, challenges, preferences, prejudices, and experiences can be visually represented.

Including: Cathy Abramson, Gulay Berryman, Leslie Blackmon, Daniel Brown, Troy Bunch, Alan Condrey, Christopher Corson, Delna Dastur, Stephanie Firestone, Avis Flemming, Nicole Ida Fossi, Jim Haller, Andy Harris, Catherine Hess, Michal Hunter, Sabiha Iqbal, Yasmine Iskander, George Kochev, Trix Kuijper, Debra LaCroix, Allen Linder, Shelley Lowenstein, Linda Lowery, Lianne Milgrom, Leslie Nolan, Shanti Norris, Gene Provenzo, Beverly Ryan, Leslie Sater, Robert Schultz, Patrick Sieg, Martha Spak, Benjamin Stein, Edward Tepper, Patricia Underwood, Louise Wallendorf, Ellyn Weiss, Cate West Zahl, Sharon Wolpoof

Chris Brandell

Azadeh Sahraeian

January 2 -February 9, 2020
caught up hi rez.jpeg
Sahraeian_Magnetic growth No02.png

Left: Caught Up, by Chris Brandell, 48” x 48”, mixed media, 2019

Right: Magnetic Growth No. 02, by Azadeh Sahraeian, pen on paper, 14” x 11”, 2018

When the Rain Comes_Bobbi Pratte.jpg

Bobbi Pratte:

Rescue Me

November 14 - December 29, 2019

Often capturing daily scenes near her home in Lake Barcroft, Virginia, Pratte also reflects on her personal sense that in these challenging times she feels a need to be rescued.

Bobbi Pratte: Rescue Me opening reception was generously sponsored by Ken Trotter with TTR | Sotheby’s International Realty


image: When the Rain Comes, by Bobbi Pratte, oil on panel, 22” x 28”

Athenaeum Invitational

Board Out of Our Minds

September 12 — November 10, 2019
Artists were invited to explore real or imagined board games, an environment where board games are being played, or people playing board games.


Catherine Day, Amelia Hankin, Zofie King:  


July 25 — September 8, 2019

These artists work in different media, but all address memory, perception, and how the passage of time influences perception.

image: Catherine Day, Winter Vines, Ivy Edge,  photograph on fabric, 39” x 38”, 2016 


Lyrical Flight

Barbara Januszkiewicz

April 18 — June 2, 2019
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