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Philip Livingston

Family, Ghosts, and Other Strangers

February 25 — April 4, 2021

Artist’s Statement


One artistic model I admire and try to emulate is the haiku poem. The haiku conveys its meaning through simple images. Its meaning can grow over time.  It does not insist.


The figures in this exhibition are derived from photos of family and acquaintances. They can be understood as real or imaginary; fictional or historical; physical or ghostly; present or past. Therefore some are silhouettes while others are rendered in pencil or pastel. Each technique has its role. 


I layer gravity-defying painted and drawn elements which might seem to detach from the panel and float toward the viewer. Instead of rendering three-dimensional space, I mean to evoke the experience of time. Among  the figures, chairs, paint swipes, drawing marks, empty spaces, rocks and stenciled patterns, the question is not so much where as when.


This show is culled from works of the last two years and reflects some of the dramatic events we all have experienced. So here is solitude, sorrow, entanglement, rage, uncertainty; but also some hopeful gestures of light and color.



Philip Livingston

Washington, DC


Join us in the gallery for socially-distanced 'meet and greets' with Philip Livingston

Saturday, February 27, 2 — 4

Sunday, March 14, 2 — 4

Sunday, April 4, 2 — 4

For more information about Philip Livingston’s artwork,

or to purchase Philip’s paintings, please email or call 703-548-0035

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