Timeless Tradition
Master Copyists from the National Gallery of Art's Copyist Program

May 20  — June 27, 2021


Master Copyist Demo with Tanya Roland

Saturday, June 19, 10am - 11:30am

Free - Join us on Zoom HERE!


Meet-the-Artist Social 

June 27th at 3pm

In the Athenaeum gallery

The copyist program at the National Gallery of Art offers a unique opportunity for artists to study the techniques of old masters through intimate study in the galleries. This exhibit presents the work of members of this program alongside a color photo of the original and an artist’s statement explaining why the work was chosen and what was learned

through copying.


The National Gallery of Art Copyists include: Sarah Bentley, Kathleen Carroll, Bruce Campbell, Amelia Cheuk, Gillian Collins, Sonia Gadra, Alice Kale, Christopher Madden, Lillian Mason, Theresa Miller, Robert O’Brien, Tanya Roland, Robin Rosner, Tom Semmes, Ann Wallace

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* Master Art Copyists is not sponsored by the National Gallery of Art