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Current Exhibition:

In and Between | Sculpture

Curated by Steve Wanna,

Produced by Veronica Szalus


January 12 — February 5, 2023
Reception: Sunday, January 15, 4-6 pm
 Talk: Sunday, February 5, 2 pm

In and Between is a sculpture show featuring floor and wall-mounted art as well as site-specific
installations that take advantage of the gallery’s unique light-filled space. Eight artists were invited to explore the concept of a threshold.

Curator's Statement


In architecture, thresholds can connect spaces in deliberate and inventive ways, but they are often mere afterthoughts resolved by things like a simple door. We use the term to describe a state of potential or transition from something present to something unknown, a precipice that can be exciting and terrifying.


At times we think of thresholds as temporary spaces or states that we pass through, often quickly, on our way from one thing to something else—the emphasis is on the current and next states. What if they could be reimagined as frontiers, temporary resting places that can hold us as we take in a current position and survey what is about to emerge?


Lynda Andrews-Barry

Gloria Vasquez Chapa
Jacqui Crocetta
Pierre Davis
Zofie King
Kirsty Little
Sarah Stefana Smith
Ira Tattelman

To view the artists' work, along with their statements and bios, please visit the

In and Between Artists Page.

Jacqui Crocetta_Revealing the Invisible_My Cloak of Privilege_lr.jpg

Jacqui Crocetta, Revealing the Invisible: My Cloak of Privilege (detail)

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