Current Exhibition:

Kim Abraham


June 2 — July 10, 2022

Artist Talk, Sunday, June 26, 2 pm

Kim Abraham explores what lies at the heart of a place and what concerns him most. He sees a sometimes chaotic world with layers of meaning magnified in a drop of water, electrified through the energy of an insect swarm, or swirled about with distant timeless galactic images. 

Kim Abraham, Redarmy_detail_oil on linen.jpg

Kim Abraham, Redarmy (detail), oil on linen, 36”x 26”

5 Artful Facts About Kim Abraham

Our planet is a place filled with wonder and curiosity, and artist Kim Abraham portrays this in a very in-depth manner through his layered and detailed artwork. Abraham, who grew up in Georgia has been inspired since a young age to explore his environment, from metal trinkets at his grandfather’s home, to insects in the wild. He’s an artist who considers all of the complexities found through the micro and macro particles that exist around him. Here are five interesting facts about our current exhibition, featuring Kim Abraham’s work, which will be on display at the Athenaeum Gallery until Sunday, July 10, 2022.


  1. Kim’s background stems from being an experienced landscape painter for about 20 years.

  2. The artist is fascinated by looking at the natural environment, including water or the woods, glancing through microscopes, and seeing what he finds when examining natural particles from an environment.

  3. Kim enjoys an interplay between realism and abstraction, “I'm drawn to things like water and sky, and the very abstract things that exist within the chaos that is there when looking. I don't like to simplify, I like to add things. My abstraction is to bring more complexity to it.”

  4. There is connectivity between what is selectively portrayed in each work, e.g. the overall character of the place and the connection to the people who lived there before.

  5. Kim takes a watercolor pad when he travels and when he decides to create, he likes to sit and absorb everything a particular place has to offer, including distinct sounds and sights.

For more about the artist, please view his artist statement: