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Deborah Dana | Notes on Notes

This show will be rescheduled.

Deboarh Dana’s collages are made from pages of old books and sheet music colored with archival ink in a process she developed. A unique alphabet of shapes and glyphs are then cut from the pages to create the palette for each piece. As the viewer is drawn into the piece they will realize it is made up of individual segments and be surprised to discover the the letters, words, and notes.

Above: Side by Side (detail), Deborah Dana, 22” x 30.5”, collage. Photo courtesy of the artist

Michael Spears

The Sight of Rhythm and Melody

This show will be rescheduled

Visual Music: Paintings by Michael Spears featuring his latest works inspired by the influence of religion on R&B of the 60’s and 70’s.


Michael asks: Does the prodigious infusion of R&B into current wide-reaching marketing strategies (TV/radio commercials) suggest more than is immediately apparent? Michael believes that the mesmerizing rhythms and melodies, marvels in their own right, are intertwined with lyrics that satisfy the universal appeal of hope and a better tomorrow.

Above: Untitled #4 (detail), Michael Spears, 48” x 48”, oil and mixed media on canvas, 2019

Photo courtesy of the artist