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Moments in Time

...A Very Weird Time

Online and in the gallery

The gallery is open Thursday through Sunday, from noon to 4pm.

This is a time like no other our generation has faced. It is no exaggeration to say that the pandemic has affected every one of us. It has changed how we navigate the most mundane tasks in our lives; in some cases, it may cause long-term change in our social and economic environments. We invite artists to respond to this particular, unique moment.


Artists were invited to submit works that represent the full gamut of how the global Coronavirus pandemic and it's associated ‘social distancing’ has affected them. Fear, uncertainty, anger, and doubt were responses we expected to see, but we were also pleased to see people enjoying the unexpected benefits of additional time for solitude and reflection. 


The 52 works in Moments in Time are a chronicle of how artists in DC, MD, and VA experienced the 2020 pandemic. 


Five $500 prize winners were determined by Allison Nance, curator and non-profit arts consultant and awarded to:

Nilou Kazenzadeh
Leslie Duss
Sweta Shah
Rhonda Smith
Grace Doyle


A $500 Viewer's Choice prize will be awarded at the end of the exhibition.

Double-click the image to the right and you will get a bigger view of the art as well as the full description/statement when available.

Click here for the Moments in Time video tour!

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