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A Delicate Balance | Sculpture

January 11, 2024 – February 18, 2024

Artist Talk: Sunday, February 18, 2 pm

Curated by Jackie Hoysted and produced by Veronica Szalus, A Delicate Balance is an all-sculpture show that explores the idea of achieving equilibrium. Perhaps more than ever, today we have a greater awareness of how everything operates in such a delicate balance - be it ecosystems, politics, relationships or personal well-being. We must navigate life without tipping too much in one direction so that we can strive for harmony, but at times something radical is required to achieve it. The craft of making sculpture is no different. The sculptor balances their conceptual thought or ideation to material realization through careful molding, shaping and juxtaposition of often unlikely materials through to the selection of scale, color and presentation. 


Featuring Works by: 


Evie Altman and Marxe Orbach

Shanthi Chandrasekar 

Akemi Maegawa 

Ceci Cole McInturff

David Mordini 

Sookkyung Park 

Lisa Rosenstein

Jo Ellen Walker

Steve Wanna 

Artist Catalogue

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