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Here is what I wanted to share with you.

The Athenaeum is the ONLY historic building in Old Town, maintained in good shape and open to the public without an admission fee that is not owned by a government entity. 

Why should I care?

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The Athenaeum Gallery is the only non-profit gallery in the area dedicated to the arts of VA/DC/MD. We show the wide variety of excellent work being created by local artists across the widest interpretation of media and style – and have become well-known for our annual Athenaeum invitational exhibit.  (how good is the art?)

Its local, but is it any good?

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We offer a broad range of arts, culture and history programming to the community – much of it with no, or a very low admission fee.  Everything from dramatic readings of Civil War letters written in Alexandria, to gallery talks, to dance and music performances, to emerging writers and film festivals.

Like what, for example?

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Have I sold you on supporting us yet?

I hope so!  We need you to be a member.


And while I feel like the best benefit to a membership contribution is knowing that you are supporting such a venerable and valuable part of the community, we do offer a host of benefits to our members. (see membership perks)  And one of the most fun benefits is our annual members appreciation party.

So without further ado, announcing the 2019 Athenaeum Member Appreciation Party:


November 1, 6:30 – 9:30

Well, November first IS the official Day of the Dead - so we thought this might be a great graphic motif for a fun party.  Very Latin, tequila, guacamole, spicy things to eat. Then we thought, 'Day of the Dead' might bum some people out, so we thought - let's mash it up with a Grateful Dead vibe. It's going to be a great, fun party: two thirds Mexican one third Jerry Garcia! We hope you will join us!

Free for all members, at any level?

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In closing, we’ve got so much going on, and I am so proud of the management, programs, mission, and activities in the Athenaeum – I just really hope I can convince you to join us!


We need your help to keep doing what we do. – and we’ve got some big capital projects coming up that will require all the help we can muster. 


Please help.


If I have not made a case that makes you want to write a check now, please come visit the building or give me a call – your charitable contributions can only go so far – but this is an Alexandria treasure that needs to be part of your plan.


Thank you!

(Don't forget to visit our Membership page, to understand the benefits of each level of membership)