Screenprinting Today / Curated by Dennis O'Neil
August 6, 2009 - September 6, 2009

"Precise edges, flat dense surfaces, commercial imagery and toxic inks defined the screenprint until a little over a decade ago. With the advent of quality water-based technology and a more hands on aesthetic, a whole new set of possibilities emerged. This transformation in appearance, meaning and application is still unfolding. Screenprinting has a new skin. It is clear, clean and versatile. Where it once led by introducing us to its cool commercial aesthetic as art, it now reconnects us with our humanity. The human touch, purposely and conspicuously missing in screenprints of the 60’s and 70’s, is now a defining feature. The graphic, smooth and hands-free approach to image making now shares center stage with new non-linear approaches. Relief surfaces, waxes, washed and excavated surfaces, along with other complex relationships to appropriation, painting and sculpture, not to mention digital imaging in all its guises, are all parts of its evolving vocabulary." Dennis O'Neil, Curator

Christine Carr
William Christenberry
Georgia Deal
Aaron Fay
Michael Gross
Carolyn Hartmann
Elizabeth Klimek
Alex Kondner
Pepa Leon
Nick Popovici
Chakraphan Rangaratna
Tanja Softic
Renée Stout
Noelle Tan