Rara Avis / Beverly Ress, Langley Spurlock + Martin Tarrat
April 16, 2015 - May 31, 2015

Opening Reception: April 19, 4 pm, free
Beverly Ress Gallery Talk: May 3, 3 pm, free
Guided Tour of The Winged Bestiary an Abcedarium of Feathered Nonsense with Langley Spurlock and Martin Tarrat, May 21 at 7 pm, May 31 at 3 pm, both free

Exhibit generously sponsored by TTR | Sotheby's International Realty

This is an exhibition of bird-centric works created by Beverly Ress, Langley Spurlock and Martin Tarrat. The large gallery will feature the meticulously drawn, then deconstructed, or sculpturally altered birds on paper by Ress. Demonstrating her technical skill, mastery of detail, and keen eye for dichotomy, most of these works were created while she was immersed in a residency at DC’s Natural History Museum’s Bird Division of Vertebrate Zoology. The rear galleries will be devoted to the collaborative work of artist, Spurlock and poet, Tarrat. Their folio—The Winged Bestiary, an Abcedarium of Feathered Nonsense—oncludes Scarts, Urks, Ockers, the Wall Street Ninnybot, and the rare Barcafungle. There are 35 unique avians, imagined and real, funny and sad. Each illustration is combined with a couplet of a winged nature and arranged according to a unique 35-letter alphabet.

Image: Red Bird with Circles (detail), Beverly Ress, color pencil on paper, laser cut and reattached, 30 x 22”, 2012 (Photo: Mark Gulezian)