Joanna Knox / Seen and Unseen
April 14, 2011 - May 29, 2011

Artists’ Reception / Sunday, April 17 from 4 to 6 pm

Artists’ Statement / The force that drives me is a fascination with the effects of time. Abandoned spaces lure me in to photograph what the walls are striving to protect. Like an archeologist, I search for details of another time. I want to learn what life was like for the people who lived in that space. Instead of finding something that is tangible, I search for traces of the past. The interiors of these abandoned structures are symbols of our own mortality. They remind us of our past and simultaneously foreshadow our own growing age and death. The subjects of my photographs are not the walls themselves, rather the light contained by them. The few remaining pieces of furniture and personal items embody the former occupants. If there is a connection between a house and a human soul, I am searching to find it.

Biography / Joanna Knox is a photographer who currently resides in Rockville, Maryland. Her interest in old, deteriorating places occurred at a young age. As a child she used to walk to school each day through a country junkyard. There was something interesting and new, such as the skeleton of an antique car, to explore in the junkyard each day. After living in Savannah, Georgia to complete her MFA, her early influences led her to explore and photograph the back roads of Georgia. Her fascination for exploring and photographing abandoned farmhouses grew from this experience. One of Knox’s favorite things to do is to set up her 4x5 camera in a decaying room, put the dark cloth over her head and see the light form an image with her old-fashioned camera. The aspect of photography that motivates her most is the element of new discovery and fear of the unknown that takes place with each series of photographs. She is currently teaching photography at Rockville High School in Maryland.