Intermediaries / Natalie W. Cheung
March 13, 2009 - April 26, 2009

"Intermediaries is a dual layered investigation of fractals. Though born through different methods: the historical process cyanotype used by Anna Akins in 1843, and gelatin silver mordancagé an acid redevelopment process, the images play on their similarity and question each others’ origins. The cyanotypes allow me to devise a situation that allows nature to put its own hand into creating the drawings. By using the medium as a drawing tool the resulting image is the intermediate from one phase to next, one form to another. Starting as liquid on paper, the drawing is slowly created and is completed when all the water has evaporated. The titles of the drawings come from the recording of the moment. The image is a mapping, a record and a study of chaos in nature. In another approach, the black and white mordancagé images are preexisting events that have been found in nature. They relate to an idea in fractal theory that patterns are made of similar patterns, which are made of similar patterns to infinity, while the cyanotypes are recorded happenings. The surface of these images have been peeled back a layer, revealing more of the same pattern underneath. The infinite layering of these natural designs leave us with the question of whether what we consider plenary to be accurate or just another layer in something grander?" Natalie W. Cheung